Frequently Asked Questions

Does my company have to have a website to be advertised on
  We do recommend the use of a website address so that customers will be able to find complete details of all your products and/or services, but it is
not a requirement. We do include other information in the ad such as phone number and address

What should I write for a company profile description?
Simply describe, in 50 words or less, what you do or offer.

How should I Email my image to you?
Just attach your image file to an Email and send it to .

If I have you design my image, what if I don't like it?
We first get the information from you that you want, then we send the image to you for approval.

If you design the image for me, is it mine to use on other places like invoices and letterheads?
We can Email you the image file, but keep in mind that we are designing it specifically to be shown on the website, therefore it may not work very well for printing.

Do I have to advertise in my home state or can I choose a different state?
The package includes your home state at no cost, but there is a small charge for any additional states.

Can I still have a Feature Banner Ad without a website?
The purpose of the Featured Banner Ad is for it to link directly to a website.

What if I need to change something later?
Just call and let us know your changes and we will update your company information or if you decide to advertise in other states you can do so too.

How long before it's up?
As soon as we have all the information it will be up in approximately 48 hours after payment is received.
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