About Certified Sales, Inc.

BoatHelpers.com is owned by Certified Sales, Inc.

Certified Sales, Inc., offers individuals, insurance companies, donation recipients, and marine and leisure lenders a complete liquidation brokerage service for yachts, boats, motor homes, campers, heavy equipment and general items in salvage condition, lender's collateral in default (repossessions) and classic brokerage.

These Services are available throughout the U.S. from our offices in Mendon, MA, Warwick, RI and Charleston, SC.

Incorporated in 1979, Certified Sales, Inc. has been merchandising watercraft since 1982. Certified Sales, Inc. sells and exports throughout the United States and Canada, and to many countries abroad.

Certified Sales, Inc.'s President is Ronald A. Bethel, who has merchandised leisure products for 35 years at this same location.

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